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You should be heard

Your views and opinions matter, and adults need to listen to them. You have the right to be heard by adults when they make decisions that will affect you.

What does it mean to be heard?

The right to be heard doesn’t mean adults have to do what you want. After they listen to you, they may still decide to do something else.

But they have to take your views and opinions seriously. They shouldn’t dismiss them without thinking about them because you are a child.

It is your right for them to listen to you, and to think about what you have to say.

The right to be heard by any adult

You have the right to be heard by adults you know, like your parents or teachers. But children also have the right to be heard by the adults who make decisions about Scotland’s rules and laws.

They should make sure they know about your opinions, and they should take these seriously.

Write to us

You can write to us if you think adults aren’t listening to you.

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