Raise your voice: Become one of the Commissioner’s Young Advisers

If you think applying to be a young adviser means applying for yet another tick-box position for an organisation paying lip service to issues facing young people, you could not be more wrong.


You’re applying to a role which will place you at the heart of the strategic decision making of one of Scotland’s foremost young people’s organisations.


Our office works to make a difference to children and young people’s lives, but we can’t do it without listening to you. 

Our Young Advisers Group tell us when we need to raise our voice around the issues that matter to them― like exams being cancelled, mental health and increasing poverty across Scotland. 

They help us understand what matters to young people across Scotland and what we need to do to communicate with you effectively. 

And we’re looking for more young people to be part of it in 2021. Applications are open until Monday 1st March.

Who are our young advisers? 

Our young advisers are a group of young people from across Scotland who’ve done things like: 

They’ve spoken at events, written for us, and told people in power in Scotland about what needs to change.  

They’ve helped us communicate with children and young people in a way that makes sense, and advised us about the issues which they know are most important to people your age. 

They‘ve made sure that our work for you is better. 

And they’ve done fun, creative things too― designing and painting shields, doing podcasts, helping plan our annual Human Rights Gathering for young people. In everything they’ve done, we’ve made sure they’ve been supported every step of the way. 

Who’s able to become a young adviser? 

Anyone living in Scotland between 14 and 17 at the time of application can apply to be a young adviser. You’ll need to be able to be in the group between April 2021 and March 2022.  

Until it’s safe to meet face to face again, all meetings will be online. If you don’t have a digital device you can use at home, we can help with that. 

Do I need to have taken part in something like this before? 

No. We are looking for young people who have not had the opportunity to be a part of organised groups. That doesn’t mean you won’t be considered if you have been, but more that if you haven’t, don’t let that put you off. We will give you the support that you need to take part.  

All you need is enthusiasm, the drive to want to make a difference, and a desire to make your opinions known. 

What will being a young adviser involve? 

Being a young adviser will involve: 

  • working with the Commissioner and our team on lots of different projects, sharing your opinion and getting involved, 
  • attending meetings with our other young advisers, 
  • checking in with your peer mentor, who will be one of our previous young advisers, 
  • having fun and making friends. 

The Commissioner’s team will support you throughout your time as a young adviser. 


What if I can’t fill in the ‘I’m interested’ form?

You can email administration@cypcs.org.uk for help at any time.

Will I need access to a laptop or a computer?

Because we aren’t able to meet face to face at the moment, you will need access to a laptop, tablet or mobile phone in order to join in meetings. If this will be difficult for you, let us know and we can help.

Do I need to know lots about children’s rights?

No, you don’t need to know lots about children’s rights or the UNCRC when you first start as a young adviser. You’ll get the chance to learn as you go.

What will I get out of being a young adviser?

You’ll get chance to learn more about your rights and to influence the important work of the Children and Young People’s Commissioner. You’ll also get to meet new people, to make friends and to share your experiences.

Is it hard work?

You’ll be doing work that makes a difference and sometimes this can be challenging, but we’ll make sure you’re supported and get to have a lot of fun.

Do I need to attend every meeting?

No, you don’t need to attend every meeting, but we do ask that you join in a minimum of meetings whilst you are a young adviser. Whilst we are working online this could be one meeting a month.

What if something comes up and I can’t be at a meeting?

That’s fine: just let us know.

As a YAG Member, can I bring along a parent or carer to support me?

Yes, you can.

Will my travel expenses be paid?

Yes, we’ll pay your travel expenses and those of an adult who accompanies you to our office.

What digital platforms will I have to use?

We use Basecamp to communicate day to day and to plan Zoom meetings. You will get help to use it if you haven’t before.

How will you communicate with me?

We use Basecamp, but we will also ask you what communication methods you prefer. We can use email or phone calls if that suits you better.

What am I expected to do?

You are expected to join in with other young advisers and the Commissioner’s staff to help us make decisions on how the office works and the sorts of things the Commissioner does.

I want to be a young adviser. What should I do next? 

Apply online

You can apply to be a young adviser by filling in the form below.

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  • Tell us what you think the most important issue facing young people today is and what you think could be done about it.
  • Do you have any disability or access needs that you would like support with? If so, let us now how we can best support you.
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Apply by email

You can also apply by emailing us your answers to the questions in this form at administration@cypcs.org.uk.

Alternatively, you can print out, fill in and scan the form in our recruitment pack, then send it to administration@cypcs.org.uk.

Important information about your application

We’ll only use the information you give us as part of the application process. After it’s finished, we’ll destroy your details if you’ve been unsuccessful. We won’t use this list for any other reason unconnected to our Young Advisers group or send your details on to anyone. 

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