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Media Releases

Media releases issued by the Commissioner’s office.

Supermarkets urged not to challenge families with children when out shopping for essentials

The Commissioner and parenting organisations have written to supermarkets urging them to provide guidance to staff on the legitimate reasons why parents and carers may have to shop with their children.

Scottish equality and human rights bodies welcome inquiry into implications of Covid-19

Scotland's equality and rights bodies welcome the Equalities and Human Rights Committee's decision to undertake an inquiry into the impact of COVID-19.

Scottish equality and human rights bodies join together in call for inquiry into implications of Covid-19

Along with other equality and human rights bodies we're calling for the Equality and Human Rights Committee to consider an inquiry.

Children’s Commissioner warns Scottish Government is in breach of children’s human rights on the use of restraint in schools

National statutory guidance on the use of restraint and seclusion must be introduced as a matter of urgency, said the Children’s Commissioner today.

Campaigners hail historic vote for equal protection for children

Scotland’s leading children’s charities and Scotland’s Children’s Commissioner have hailed today’s historic Holyrood vote on equal protection.

Children’s Commissioner urges education leaders to support children taking part in climate strikes

The Children and Young People’s Commissioner, Bruce Adamson has written to Directors of Education of every local authority urging them to support children taking part in the global action against climate change.

Media release: Scotland’s largest teaching union calls for national guidance on restraint and seclusion

Scotland’s largest teaching union, the EIS, has today called for the Scottish Government to produce national guidance on the use of restraint and seclusion in schools.

Scottish rights statute set to mark end of thirty-year campaign

Children’s Commissioner, Bruce Adamson, today welcomed Nicola Sturgeon’s commitment to pass new legislation to fully protect the rights of children in Scotland within the next two years.

Young human rights defenders call for more support, protection and recognition of their fight for rights

A group of young people is calling on adults to ensure that children can stand up and challenge decision-makers when their rights are not being met.