We’re available for advice on children’s human rights on email at inbox@cypcs.org.uk and on freephone at

0800 019 1179.

Helping us work for you: Young advisors lay our revised Strategic Plan

The Young Advisors who helped us create our revised Strategic Plan have helped lay it at the Scottish Parliament today.

Meet 11-year-olds Hannah and Cameron— Global Ambassadors to the United Nations

Two Scottish children have travelled to Geneva to help the United Nations plan September’s Day of General Discussion on children’s human rights.

How should Scotland’s care and justice system be improved for children and young people? A new enquiry aims to find out

Children and Young People’s Commissioner Bruce Adamson has co-established an enquiry into how well Scotland supports children and young people in trouble.

Scotland’s age of criminal responsibility is rising to 12. Now, it needs to go higher than the “absolute minimum” acceptable

The age of criminal responsibility in Scotland is set to rise from 8 to 12— but the Children and Young People’s Commissioner has said it still has further to rise.

We’re meeting some of Europe’s most prominent human rights defenders. What do you think we should ask them?

We're meeting some of Europe's most prominent human rights defenders next week— find out how you can get your questions to them.

Whatever our age, #OurRightsAreHumanRights— 5 universal rights for Human Rights Day

To celebrate #HumanRightsDay, we've put together a list of five of the many rights all human beings have, whatever age we are.

Commissioner becomes Champion of smoke-free spaces for children

The Charter is a project led by ASH Scotland, backed by the Scottish Government and designed to support progress towards achieving the target of a Smoke-free Scotland by 2034.