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Learning at home with the Commissioner: Activity 2


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As a parent or carer supporting children full time at home it can be hard to know where to go to find information and activities that talk about children’s rights. 

This is the second in a series of short films for primary aged children to start to learn about their rights at home. It helps children think about their identity and all the things that make it up.

A symbolic illustration of Article 8 of the UNCRC.

UNCRC Article 8

I have a right to an identity

Article 8 is about your name, nationality and family relationships. It says the government shouldn’t interfere with the right to any of these.

symbolic illustration of Article 22 of the UNCRC.

UNCRC Article 22

If I am a refugee, I have the same rights as children born in that country

Children and young people who are refugees have the right to special protection and help.

symbolic illustration of Article 15 of the UNCRC.

UNCRC Article 15

I have the right to meet with friends and to join groups

Article 15 of the UNCRC makes it clear that – like all people in the world – children and young people have the human right to freedom of association.