We’re available for advice on children’s human rights on email at inbox@cypcs.org.uk and on freephone at

0800 019 1179.

Made with children and young people, and for you: Our new website is built to help

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Over the last year we’ve been working with children, young people and adults to create this new website for all of you.

We’ve done a lot to make things clearer – easier to find, understand and take action from – so we can work towards a Scotland where everyone understands the human rights of children and young people.

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Knowing your rights in a time of crisis

We’d hoped we could celebrate the launch of our website today, but this doesn’t feel much like a time for celebration.

But in times of crisis, human rights become even more significant, and it’s more important than ever that Scotland has fierce champions for children’s human rights.

So you’ll find human rights advice and information here. And we’ll continually update you on our work: in particular on the impact of Covid-19 measures on our most vulnerable groups of children and young people. 

Our ears are always open. Our freephone number is 0800 019 1179. And we are here. 

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