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Our Positions

Positions on issues that are affecting children’s human rights in Scotland.

Reopening schools in Scotland

The full reopening of schools needs to be proportionate in human rights terms in the same way that their closure was.

This is a summary of issues Scottish Government has an obligation to consider when making that proportionate decision.

Incorporation of the UNCRC

Scotland is in a unique position to introduce legislation that provides legal protections of UNCRC rights in Scots Law. This process is called incorporation.

Child poverty

Growing up in poverty is the biggest human rights issue facing children in Scotland.

The Right to Food

Access to food is a basic human right, but one that isn’t met for all Scotland’s children and young people.

Across the UK, people are being pushed into food insecurity— where they don’t have consistent access to sufficient affordable, nutritious food.

Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility

While legislation has passed that will raise Scotland's Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility from 8 to 12, this is still below the minimum acceptable standard of 14.

Domestic abuse

Our office has been working on the rights of children who experience domestic abuse for a number of years.

Mosquito devices

Selling and using mosquito devices is a breach of international human rights law, and for over 15 years our office has been calling for them to be banned.

Equal protection

Equal protection from assault is something our office has been calling for since 2004, and we’re delighted it's now the law in Scotland.

Sibling contact

All children should be able to be in contact with their brothers and sisters— their siblings. But in Scotland this often doesn't happen when children are in care or in adoptive or permanent fostering.